Mr. George's cases have been the subject of books, newspaper articles, magazine pieces and television coverage for many years. His trials can be researched and reviewed through the wonder of the internet on the archives of the People Magazine, National Enquirer, Newsweek Magazine, USA Today, Court TV, A & E, MSNBC, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, New York Times, Cape Cod Times and other websites and blogs. Fifteen books on Mr. George's cases have been written by various authors including Invisible Eden, If I Die, Deadly Alliance, Fire in the Desert, Killer BodiesBlack Mass, Deadly Greed, Death of an Angel, Killing Season, Missing Beauty, Murder in Boston, And Justice For SomeShattered InnocenceVictims of Memory: Sex Abuse Accusations and Shattered Lives and the recent bestseller Reasonable Doubt. Although much of the discussion of Mr. George's work is available online, what follows is an example of some excerpts...

"...One of the most prominent criminal defense lawyers in Boston...he's known as a tough lawyer, a good lawyer, a well connected lawyer...a fighter for his clients..."

David Yas, Lawyers Weekly

"...The right attorney to defend....the prosecution was outgunned and outmatched...the judge seemed impressed and maybe a bit intimidated, and the all-important jury seemed to appreciate the skill and professionalism of a real pro...This guy had every one in the room glued to his every move, his every word. He's that good."

Bob Sawtelle, West Roxbury Bulletin

"...The scrappy Boston defense known for tough cases....just because the case is difficult doesn't mean a guy like George is going to shy away from it. He's won big cases. He's lost big cases."

Stacey Myers, Cape Cod Times

"...What [spectators] are fascinated by most is watching the flamboyant and often smirking defense lawyer Robert A. George..."

Meghan Tench, Boston Globe

"...He has a little more bulldog in him....he doesn't believe in the old quote that you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar...he's been very effective."

Hillary Russ, Cape Cod Times

"....A go getter defense lawyer with earnest brown eyes, a manner both friendly and slick, and the extravagant gestures of a stage actor..."

Francesca Coltrera, Boston Herald

They] retained the services of a hired gun. A hired legal gun, that is...The proverbial 800 pound quarterback. In the person of Robert A. "Bob" George [they] have settled on their very own Johnnie Cochran. And why not?"

Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald

"...A high profile defense specialist who loves tough cases...the man to have at your side...."

Dan Davis, Death of an Angel

"....George's work has also earned him the respect of opposing lawyers and police officers...a natural...he is adroit at cross examination...methodically picking apart witnesses in testimony until it watching a person taking apart an erector set one nut, one bolt, one piece at a time."

Jonathan Saltzman, Providence Journal

"Robert George [is] considered a brilliant criminal lawyer and a tough opponent to face in court...Street-tough, court-wise, rhetorically simple but brilliant..."

Mary Ryzuk, Shattered Innocence

"...Superb lawyer..." 

Eric Williams, Cape Cod Times

"...I am proud to know him...he is as passionate an advocate as anyone who has ever appeared on Court TV."

Rikki Klieman, Court TV

"...It is not often that we use the term brilliant, but that cross-examination was just that..."

Craig Jarrod, Court TV

"As the larger-than-life defense attorney Robert George can recite in his sleep, every criminal defendant should be presumed innocent...In his career, George represented a number of big-time clients, from mobsters and police officers, to the trash collector convicted in a notorious Cape Cod murder..."

Boston Globe, March 29, 2011

"George is the wild card...probably one of the hotter defense attorneys in Massachusetts state courts."

Ralph Ranalli, Boston Herald

"....Now after five weeks' testimony not so many are so sure: the defense
had scored heavily with brutal and withering cross-examination of
witnesses, just as Robert George, aka "Bob" or "George" for the tough
guy type reporters, had chopped away at the state's case element by
element, leaving the supposedly ironclad charges of murder, aggravated-
rape and -burglary subject to reasonable doubt -- which, as any defense
attorney will tell you, is what this sort of thing is all about. But the
reporters weren't the only ones who'd moved into the defense corner.
Large segments of the public, too, had been swayed. More than half the
respondents in a poll conducted by Court TV during the third week had
voted the state's case insufficient...What had once been a powerful case
had been exposed by George as one which was not worthy of belief,
poorly investigated, bent on an arrest at any cost and in some quarters,
corrupt. "

Peter Manso, Boston Magazine

"...George lets his reputation as a skilled and effective criminal defense attorney do the talking for him...
George has had plenty of high-profile, headline-grabbing cases to keep him busy...George represents each of them with zeal and aplomb."

Tony Wright, Lawyers Weekly

"He has been laser focused on his clients' cases, as well as his a ferocious advocate unlike anyone I have ever worked for."" 

Thomas Shamshak, Former police chief in Spencer and Winthrop, Private investigator.

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