There are many helpful websites which offer or can lead you to the type of aid and advice necessary to lead you in the right direction, regardless of the problem you are having. This list is not meant to be exclusive but is offered here as a guide for you in your search.

Supreme Judicial Court

Massachusetts Find Law

Massachusetts Bar Association

Board of Bar Overseers

Committee for Public Counsel Services

Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Massachusetts Legal Services

Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services

Department of Social Services

Boston Police

Attorney General

Bristol County District Attorney

Middlesex County District Attorney

Norfolk County District Attorney

Plymouth County District Attorney

Suffolk County District Attorney

United States Attorney

Worcester County District Attorney

Massachusetts State Police

Department of Correction

Massachusetts Domestic Violence Shelters

United States District Court for Massachusetts

First Circuit Decisions

Online access to Federal Docket Sheets

Innocence Project

Lawyers Weekly

American Civil Liberties Union

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